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Web Developer Guide - Importance Of Responsive Web Design In 2022

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·Jan 27, 2022·

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Web Developer Guide - Importance  Of Responsive Web Design In 2022

Table of contents

  • Introduction:


In 2022 Mobile internet usage is growing at a steady pace, so much so that it is expected to overtake desktop browsing as early as 2016. It means that it has become more than necessary for website owners to think about channelizing their work into designing mobile friendly, handheld device compliant websites.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website, simply improves the viewing experience; it fits into any device irrespective of resolution. It means a responsive website virtually fits into any device that uses a web browser. Other than being compatible with a unique variety of resolutions, a responsive website works flawlessly across a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and smartphones.

Why you need to consider a Responsive Website?

No more abandoned checkout at online stores and cluttered viewing experience. With a website fast and responsive you can load it effortlessly. Smartphones can be a great device for viewing websites but when it comes to legibly search out data or filling out information on a website, even smartphones require the loading of mobile friendly websites. With a responsive website, you can ensure easier and effortless browsing

Have a Unique Type of Specific Content

A responsive website quite often uncomplicates the entire task of bowing. With a website that is responsive you can display specific content. For example; if you are organizing information on your website using a display ad, it would pop up differently on different devices, somewhere with uneven aspect ratio. With a responsive website built to work, you can use thumbnails and specific points of contacts to evenly manage ads

Single Format of App

If a website is built compatible for devices, you require not to invest individually to have applications. It means you can keep your cost down, while allowing your website to have a unique application on different variety of devices. So, no need to develop a unique app for different app source.

Different other benefits of having a responsive website

SEO benefits – Instead of having an SEO campaign for sites where your website hosted, with responsive website you can just need to do only SEO for your source.

  • A responsive website is often the answer to a modern website that is neatly designed
  • A responsive website needs you to publish content only once while you require not to write the content again for a different source.

Resources To Learn Responsive Web Design

  1. W3 schools :
  2. :
  3. Freecodecamp:
  4. Codecademy:
  5. Udacity:


I believe every aspiring and professional developer must be proficient with responsive web design and it's essential and demanding too. I personally enjoyed learning it and have build some cool projects with it to showcase and grabbing Internship.

                         Good luck! Keep Learning!
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